Community Living

Community living is not for everyone, but is acceptable to many. It been estimated more than 65 million people live in some form of arrangements and is growing annually.  If your personality does not fit into conformity style living, than you most likely won’t like living is such arrangement. A simple patriotic gesture of flying an American Flag can be a violation if flying a flag is a violation written in the CC&R. You most likely be warned, then fine everyday till you comply. Lose in court if you decide you fight. Force to  move. So understand the importance of knowing what is in the contents of the CC&R. It is a form of structure living. Kind of a bible of the community you have interest in and looking toward living in.

 Good HOA does have its’ benefit, and make home ownership easier as well as maintain property values. Also you can definitely free up time for yourself, by paying others to manage and make deciding decisions on upkeep and maintenance. You most likely conveniently be near the activities you most likely enjoy, by paying HOA fees, in place of dues that would be require for membership and access to a facility, having the advantage of not driving to and from the facility.

Breaking down HOA

HOA are broken down CC & R and By-Laws.

CC&R are the acronym for Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. These are the legal documents that lay out the guidelines of the planned community. They are recorded and on file in the county the property is located. They are legally binding. This makes you a member of the Home Owners Association (HOA). The CC&R are the regulations the community is governed by the board of directors. The board of directors are govern by the bylaws, covering voting rights, how many members, how often they meet, how the meetings are conducted, duties of its members, and even salaries they will be paid. You can also find out information about the members, in the Articles, which usually contain the basic information about the association.

On the newest of Communities, the association are usually made up of the developers and its' employers. This is why you should be certain the developers have a reputable reputation of developing. Remember, it is at this time developers are trying to save and make money to cover costs and expenses and budget in a set amount that may not cover some needed repairs that may occur. It is my understanding, after a certain amount of property been sold, the developer is require to turn over control of the board to its member.  A question you may want to ask, if investing in such situations. Won’t be a bad idea to seek legal counsel of an attorney.

What about HOA FEES and other expenses?

HOA fees vary from one development to another and are dependent on the services and amenities they provide. Example, security is a cost subject to type. A patrol and gated development cost far more than one not guarded at all. Then in between there are various systems that can be use that provide protection that will determine costs.

Other costs can vary dependent on different services the development provides. Some being landscaping, pool maintenance, clubhouses, exercise rooms and maintenance of the exterior of buildings, paying electricity bills for street lights, sidewalks, and road maintenance et cetera.

Also the amenities  the community has, such as golf courses, tennis, amount of swimming pools, fitness center, et cetera, et cetera. Again some are mandatory even if you have no intention of using them. New now are bundle plans, where certain communities are allowing you to sign up or exclude the use of some facilities, that can reduce cost.

HOA fees also cover insurance and some pays for salaries of HOA employees. Again, some fees are mandatory even when there is no inattention of using what the fees covers.

These are some of the thoughts and questions you should consider when looking into various developments. Make sure and ask about of money in  the emergency reserve, and any outstating debts on the property of interest. Title companies can be a great help in this area. 

Private Homeowners deal with these expenses from out of their pockets, and with their time and even energy. They also pay their share of special assessments charged by the city on property that benefited homes receiving the special assessments; these charges most  probably be included in the tax bill and can be a burden if selling the home. HOA fee  pays for keeping property value up.

  Others services and fees

Monthly HOA fees also intended to fill the yearly management budget as well as keeping the emergencies reserves healthy.  These expenses get divided and shared by the number of homes in the community. Each homeowner is expected to make monthly or other fixed payments throughout the year, either monthly, quarterly, or annually.

 A private homeowner need to save and should have a budget and account for these repairs and maintenance to keep their property value up as well have money for any emergencies repairs. This is the benefit of share living and share expenses. The major difference is; you can not skip an HOA payment without having major problems with management that has their own set of existing rules.

Purchasing Your Home

When you purchase your home, services of a lawyer can help provide more peace of mind. Real Estate agents are not legal authority or provide legal advice. It is a violation if they do. They can provide you with exceptional resources. You would have a clearer picture of expectation of your purchase, avoiding surprises and disappointments after the closing. Lawyers can evaluate whether the fees and assessments you be facing are reasonable. The good legal advice up front can save you money and disappointment in the long run especially when it comes to shared living. 

Some Great New Developments in Lee and Naples County, Florida





Lee County is known for its many gated communities, below are few of the favorite ones you can get information on. Gated communities are a popular choice for living in Southwest Florida. People from all walks of life choose to live the gated lifestyle for a variety of reasons. Security and privacy are what most people assume but many are moving into gated communities in Southwest Florida because they want to enjoy an amenity rich lifestyle with planned activities and social interaction.

The Lee County communities display here includes the cities of Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Estero, Miromar, and Bonita Springs. If you have others that interest you or would like more information, please contact me below with the information you need. It is my pleasure to help.

New developments coming soon!

Some Great New Developments in Lee County, Florida

Some Great New Developments in Naples County, Florida