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Please fill out the form on your right. This would allow me to send you a REALTOR® map of Lee County. The map is broken down into areas and divisions known as GEO Area or simply area.

 Every MLS property listed gives the GEO AREA. The GEO area breaks a given Zip Code into many different, more specific areas within that  zip code. This "Area" is found on listings in the MLS on all properties and unusually can be found near the MILS # and/or property address.  The example below gives you an idea what it looks like on the MLS. Click on images below to enlarge.

zip-geo1Below you see the arrow pointing to a GEO Area, FNO7. It does say North Fort Myers, and the zip code 33917.  However, with FNO7, you see on the GEO map below, more precisely where the property is located within the 33917 zip code area. Location, location, location~!


Below is a smaller map that does not give you the detail of the area as the map I be sending. However it shows the GEO Section of the MLS above and where that particular property is located within a given Zip code.GEOMAPLARGE

The REALTOR® map you be requesting gives a wider view of the area allowing you exceptional advantage of knowing what is in the surrounding area of the property you are liking and where that property is in relations to all of Lee County. How  far the listed property is from other areas within in Lee County. Knowing this, may help you decide about seeing the property. Remember property is all about location, location, location.

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