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Are You Thinking About Selling Your House Soon?

It's difficult to know when is the best time to sell, or how to get the most money for your house, but you don't need to go through the process alone.


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Real Estate: Your house

Staging, Pricing, and Advertising

 Sell your house quicker.

 48 ways to Sell a House Quickly.

Selling real estate, your house using the forty eight ways to speed up a house sale found below is an infographic by the Real Estate Staging Association that gives forty eight ways to speed up your house sale. Isn’t this far better than having your house sitting around; waiting to be sold; costing you more money as you wait? Delaying you from moving on with the rest of your life?

 Sellers preparation, priced correctly are proven marketing factors along with proper advertising, adverting and even more advertising are proving ingredients and recorded history of success in determining how quickly a house sells BUT more importantly, getting the price the seller wants!

Staging is preparing the house for sale to the public. Remember when you sold your car? With some time and simple, less expensive, minor repairs you can increase the amount you get on the sale. Preparing a house is no different than a car, other than it is bigger, more involved but you still have to be pleasing to the five senses: eyes, ears, smell, and yes even taste!

No one cares about the pictures on your wall. All the rewards you won. Or notice you have a dog or cat. Let your potential buyers leave thinking about the house and not how cute Fido is or other things! “Did you see that picture on the wall? “ Wonder what kind of dogs they have?” “Seems they have cat hairs all over the place” “what was that awful smell?” “Hmmm wonder how many coat of paint it would take to cover the purple in that room?”

The more the house is in move in ready condition, the better and quicker it will sell and the better the price you will get. I have some secret improvements I suggest to my sellers, that they can do that been proving to at least get their investments back and possible more, but consistently been proving to produce a quicker sale and at times a higher price.

Yes, curb appeal is important. It gives potential buyers a reason to get out of the car and not drive away!

As for all the work you done on the house, I hope you enjoyed the reason for your doing it, No one cares. Survey done year over year found no cost of improving that was spent, or your time, ever return the investments made or much more than the costs! You want your money back plus more? Then the amount of days the house sits on the market would tick away, as you witness other houses being sold around you.

I know you want to sell your house. So please review the ideas below you should consider, then give me a call to see not only how much your house is worth, but also how to prepare your house for sale, some secrets you may want to use, and let get it SOLD.

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