Molds Cohabitant

Molds Cohabitant comes in two varieties: good and bad; and they come in many colors, often used to define and name them. Black molds are not a good color. In every home we coexist with molds. In my last post Mold Inspection is your option you are present with what you can expect to find when your REALTOR® that is helping you purchase your home present you with an ASIS Contact for Sales and Purchase – used to make the offer to purchase the house you want to buy. In that article you learned a little about the various mold types that exists. Below is a great YouTube video giving you a great overview I know you will enjoy.

Mold Inspection is your option

Mold Inspection is one test you will see in a contract when purchasing a Home. This option is at a buyer expense. Buyer beware. It is first found in the DISCLOSURES SECTION, Line: 196, 197: Page 4 of 12 pages in the ASIS Contact for Sales and Purchase: Mold Inspection is to check for type of molds in the house that exist.

Home Ownership Mortgage Advantages

Home Ownership: Owning vs Renting Home Ownership Mortgage not as bad as High Rent  Why High Rents Are Worse Than a Mortgage over the Long Term If you’re at the stage in life where home ownership is nearly within your reach, you’re probably wondering whether you should start looking for a home or whether you Read More …

Calusa Palms Fort Myers Florida

Calusa Palms is a nice gated community of 146 single-family homes and 184 carriage homes. Three lakes and a majestic fountain anchor this community, developed by Kimball Hill Homes. Great location near the beaches of Town of Fort Myers Beach, FL and Sanibel, close to Southwest Florida International Airport Florida , Florida SouthWestern State College as well as others and a great area having great medical care, restaurants, and lots of activities.

Paint or Paint Not A Home for Sale

To Repaint or Not to Repaint, That is the Question Why Yes is the correct answer to Paint! Selling a home can require certain investments. Repairs and replacements to appliances are an example of costs necessary to sell a home, but what about paint? There are differing opinions on whether repainting is worth the cost, Read More …

Wind Mitigation

The previous post spoke about the advantage of the Four Points inspection. But obtaining a Wind Mitigation Certificate will have a greater impact on your home insurance rates then the Four Points Certification. The best situation is having both, a Wind Mitigation Certificate, as well as the Four Points Certificate, which will significantly decrease your insurance rates overall. Both are nothing more than forms requiring a Home Inspector to fill out for the insurance companies. Wind Mitigation focus only on the quality and shape of the roof on the house the potential buyer is going to buy. Also, both are being done as the Home Inspection is taken place. Wind Mitigation is, like the Four Points, nothing more than paperwork requiring transferring what information found during the Home Inspection to the appropriate insurance forms. On older homes of 20 to 25+ years, home insurance companies may even require them before they consider a policy. Older homes can qualify if they been taken care of and updated through the years.

Colonial Pointe, Fort Myers 33919

Colonial Pointe Fort Myers 33919 Colonial Pointe is worth a visit. Colonial Pointe has lots to offer. Near both Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel, colleges and Southwest International Airport. It a quiet gated beautiful community and the house on the market today is being sold by another agent and caught my attention I wanted to help. Read More …